• Schuh Syndikat would like to thank this year’s supporters:

    • Hendrick BMW Northlake

      Hendrick BMW Northlake 

      Hendrick BMW Northlake is happy to be the newest BMW location in the Charlotte market. Our professional staff, many formerly with Hendrick BMW Charlotte, are committed to customer care and keeping you satisfied is our primary goal. Whether you are new to BMW or an experienced BMW owner, Hendrick BMW Northlake has something to offer everyone.

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    • Car Enthusiast Guides

      Car Enthusiast Guides 

      Car Enthusiast Guides is envisioned as a way for car enthusiasts to help other enthusiasts find their perfect car Not only can you learn about a car's history, learn its faults, find the fixes and research modifications, you can also find the cars themselves. Car Enthusiasts Guides is always looking for new enthusiasts with a passion and knowledge about a particular car to start their own buyers guide site.

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    • Z Series Car Club of America (ZSCCA)

      Z Series Car Club of America (ZSCCA) 

      The Z Series Car Club of America, ZSCCA, is the national car club for all past and future BMW Z-Series cars. Our club was introduced to Z3 enthusiasts as the Z3 Register in 1996, we have evolved to include all Z models as the ZSCCA. We wish to thank you for visiting our website to see what we are all about.

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    • Coupe Cartel

      Coupe Cartel 

      If you own a BMW E36/8 Z3 or M Coupe, you're part of the Coupe Cartel. We're all enthusiasts of the iconic Clownshoe!

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    • BimmerBum Co

      BimmerBum Co 

      BimmerBum Co. has been selling BMW parts and accessories for nearly a decade. I do not just sell BMW parts, I own, drive, race, maintain my own BMWs just like my customers. I expand the product base nearly every week but if there is something you need and do not see I carry, odds are I can probably get it for you.

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    • Thayer Motorsports

      Thayer Motorsports 

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    • LeatherZ


      LeatherZ (pronounced "Leather Zee") was started by Jon Maddux. Jon sold the company's first product, a black Mark1 Z3 armrest in October of 1998, and the business has grown steadily ever since. Leather Z, LLC is a small business registered in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio doing business as LeatherZ. The company is owned and operated by Andy Maddux.

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