• Schuh Syndikat would like to thank this year’s supporters:

    • Z Series Car Club of America (ZSCCA)

      Z Series Car Club of America (ZSCCA) 

      The Z Series Car Club of America, ZSCCA, is the national car club for all past and future BMW Z-Series cars. Our club was introduced to Z3 enthusiasts as the Z3 Register in 1996, we have evolved to include all Z models as the ZSCCA. We wish to thank you for visiting our website to see what we are all about.

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    • Car Enthusiast Guides

      Car Enthusiast Guides 

      Car Enthusiast Guides is envisioned as a way for car enthusiasts to help other enthusiasts find their perfect car Not only can you learn about a car's history, learn its faults, find the fixes and research modifications, you can also find the cars themselves. Car Enthusiasts Guides is always looking for new enthusiasts with a passion and knowledge about a particular car to start their own buyers guide site.

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    • BimmerBum Co

      BimmerBum Co 

      BimmerBum Co. has been selling BMW parts and accessories for nearly a decade. I do not just sell BMW parts, I own, drive, race, maintain my own BMWs just like my customers. I expand the product base nearly every week but if there is something you need and do not see I carry, odds are I can probably get it for you.

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    • LeatherZ


      LeatherZ (pronounced "Leather Zee") was started by Jon Maddux. Jon sold the company's first product, a black Mark1 Z3 armrest in October of 1998, and the business has grown steadily ever since. Leather Z, LLC is a small business registered in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio doing business as LeatherZ. The company is owned and operated by Andy Maddux.

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