Happy to announce the Hotels for Schuh Syndikat 2022!
Before I share the details, Let me share a bit about the new landscape of event planning. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, hotels have tightened up stipulations on group deals. In the past, a small block of rooms would often be offered with little to no penalty for not using the whole block. Today, 80% of the block must be sold, with a penalty for non-performance. Why am I sharing this? It's important for you to know the financial risk we take on to make these events happen, and why some things are as they are.

1- The room blocks for both hotels are modest. We’ve signed for 10 rooms in Black Mountain, and 15 rooms in Mooresville. We feel confident we can sell those blocks fully. Both properties have availability outside the block, so while you may not get the price, you should be able to get a room. A quick google search will also show you a few other properties in the same areas.

2- Please reserve your rooms ASAP.. BUT.. Only if you are 100% positive you are attending. Reserving, then canceling at the last minute makes the room unavailable to someone else and the cancellation puts us at risk of not fulfilling the obligation.

-Eric and Nancy Peck

Schuh Syndikat is an annual gathering for enthusiasts of the 1998-2002 BMW E36/8 Z3 and M Coupes. Registration is open to all BMW's and their owners with the understanding that the event is a Coupe focused.

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